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Keeping a Tradition Alive.
Welcome to Kenkatch Tackle Company
Kenkatch Tackle Co. strives to create innovative, quality, american-made products that enhance the fishing experience of its customers.  Kenkatch is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of fishing country, Bemidji, Minnesota. The company's rich history is deeply rooted in northern lakes and we work daily to bring you the best and toughest jigs. 

Kenkatch Tackle Co. sells custom jigs and lures to help the average and avid fisherman boat more fish from perch to the jumbo lake trout!

Kenkatch is MOVING!

Kenkatch Tackle Company is moving locations. We are building
a new tackle shop in a new location in the Bemidji, Minnesota area. 
In order to move locations, we will be ending our summer
tackle season early and will be open again in September 2020. 

As always, we appreciate your business and your loyalty. 
Upon our return, we will be gearing up for what we hope will be an 
awesome ice season. 
We appreciate your patience and understanding as we grow.