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The Boss Jig
This aggressive 10-sided treble hook jig is weighted so you can make it dance! 
Guaranteed to glow underwater for an hour, this jig will have the ice walleyes
 going crazy. Amazing hooking percentage!

An ice time favorite with its unique hook! Great for Tip-Ups and 
Rattle Reels! Great bobber down excitement!  
3 Sizes: #2, #4, #6
7 Colors

6 Colors
3 Sizes: Large 3/8oz.  
                   Lake of the Woods Version
                   Small 1/4oz. 
                   Micro 1/8oz.
The Slim Slam
 This is a wide flutter style with a slower unique fall to trigger the most finicky of winter walleyes. All spoons come with our one hour glow!
Available in one size fits all.